A Vivoil flow divider, also known as a hydraulic flow divider, is a device that splits the flow of hydraulic fluid from a single source into two or more equal or proportionate streams of fluid. This division of hydraulic fluid enables the simultaneous operation of multiple hydraulic systems or actuators at the same pressure and flow rate, thus ensuring the balanced performance of equipment.

In dredging equipment, flow dividers are commonly used to control the movement of the dredging arms or the cutterhead. For example, in a hydraulic dredge, a flow divider can be used to distribute the hydraulic fluid from a single pump to multiple cylinders that operate the dredging arm, ensuring that each cylinder receives an equal flow of hydraulic fluid.

Flow dividers are essential in dredging equipment to ensure precise and coordinated movement of the various hydraulic components, which is crucial for the efficient and safe operation of the dredging equipment. The use of flow dividers also helps to prevent hydraulic pressure imbalances, which can lead to equipment failure, downtime, and costly repairs.

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